What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

You probably know already that you need to pay close attention to your diet for a couple of weeks after Ridley Park dental implant surgery. Hard or chewy foods like candies, nuts, popcorn, taffies, or steaks are off the table (no pun intended) as they can irritate and affect the implant site, hindering the healing process or even causing complications. 

So, what can you eat after dental implant surgery? 

Here's a quick guide. 

What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery? 

When we tell people that they need to be more careful about their dietary choices after implant surgery, most of them assume that they need to go on some sort of strict diet. That's not really the case. In fact, now more than ever you need nutrient-dense foods to help with the healing process. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Soups and broths: Packed with nutrients and hydrating, these foods are the perfect choice after implant surgery. Avoid ones that are too hot, as extreme temperatures can interfere with healing.
  • Pureed or mashed vegetables: Mashed potatoes, peas, or sweet potatoes are also filling and nutritious. 
  • Soft fruits: Bananas, peaches, and other soft fruits are easy to chew and excellent options especially for those with a sweet tooth. 
  • Dairy: Things like yogurt or cottage cheese are not only easy to eat, but packed with proteins and vitamins. 
  • Eggs: Scrambled eggs or omelets can be a good source of protein. They are also nutrient dense and can help your body recover faster. 
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal and other soft grains can be a good choice. Avoid adding nuts or dried fruit that could be hard to chew.
  • Soft pasta and noodles: Opt for pasta that's cooked until it's very soft. Avoid pasta al dente or the ones that are oddly shaped and can damage the implant site. 
  • Smoothies: You can mix different fruits or veggies with yogurt and protein powder for extra nutrition. Just avoid using a straw, as the suction could interfere with healing.
  • Fish: Cooked fish is usually soft enough to be eaten after dental surgery.
  • Ice cream: Although not a healthy and nutritious dense food, ice cream can help with swelling and provide some temporary relief. 

As your mouth heals, you can gradually reintroduce more solid foods. Make sure to avoid using the side of your mouth where the implant was placed until it's fully healed.

Avoid spicy and very hot foods/drinks as they may cause discomfort. Also avoid alcohol and smoking, as they can negatively affect the healing process.

Interested in Implants? Let's Talk! 

Getting dental implants requires quite a commitment. You need to have good oral health, undergo additional treatments to restore your jawbone or gums if necessary, and be patient. 

But, the entire process can feel a lot smoother with the right team on your side. Kite & Key Dentistry is here to help and guide you in your journey toward a healthy smile. 

Contact us today to book your appointment and learn more about dental implants. 

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