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Emergency Dentistry

At Kite & Key Dentistry®, Dr. Julia Winter is always here to help you get the care you need to restore your smile after experiencing a dental emergency in Ridley Township. Contact us now at (484) 272-5483 to get the assistance you need for any dental emergency.

What Counts As

A dental Emergency?

If you’re in a lot of pain or your mouth is bleeding, and you don’t know how to resolve your dental issue on your own, you’re having an emergency and need to contact Kite & Key Dentistry® right away. 

This means that a lot of different things count as a dental emergency. From toothaches to food or objects lodged between the teeth, pulled out crowns or fillings, and dental trauma like loose, cracked, or knocked-out teeth, Dr. Winter is always standing by to give you the treatment you need to restore your smile. 

Not sure if it’s an emergency? The best thing to do is call our team at (484) 272-5483 and tell us about your issue. Dr. Winter and our dental team will determine the best next steps for your specific case, and ensure you get the care you need.

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The Importance Of Immediate Treatment

FOr Emergency Dental Issues

Immediate emergency dental care has a lot of benefits. First, you can get relief from pain and discomfort and restore your tooth, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to get back to your day-to-day routine.

In addition to this, immediate treatment maximizes the chance of saving your tooth. Knocked-out teeth, for example, can usually only be saved if they’re replaced within 1-2 hours.

You also will have a much lower risk of complications that could threaten your oral health or overall health in the future, such as a cavity causing a tooth infection in a tooth after you lose a filling or a crown.

Get Help Right Away

Same-Day Appointments

We offer same-day appointments in Ridley Township when available. If you are having an emergency dental issue, please call us at (484) 272-5483 to speak with our dental team. We will fit you in ASAP. 

While we do accept walk-in appointments at our office, which is located at 126 Morton Ave, Folsom, PA 19033, we ask that you call ahead when possible. This ensures Dr. Winter can prepare for your visit and provide you the care you need ASAP.

We make it easy to afford the care you need, too. We work with most major PPO dental insurance plans and offer alternative financing options like CareCredit to qualified customers. We do not accept Medicaid plans at this time.

What Should I Do If

My Dental Work Has Fallen Out?

If you have fillings, crowns, bridges, or dental implants falling out, you should contact us right away. Until you can get to your appointment, you should locate the lost dental work and make sure you bring it with you. If it came out due to dental trauma, make sure you stop the bleeding and look for sharp tooth edges or an exposed root. 

If your tooth’s root is exposed, you are in severe pain, or you have uncontrollable bleeding this is a dental emergency and you should come to the dentist right away. In the meantime, rinse your mouth with a lukewarm saltwater solution to remove bacteria and food particles from the mouth and to reduce swelling.

For exposed roots, you may need to go to the pharmacy and get a temporary tooth filling to protect your tooth from infection. You may experience swelling and pain. Take anti-inflammatory pain medication and use an ice pack for 15 minutes at a time to reduce the swelling. 

Whether it is considered a dental emergency or not depends on your other symptoms and whether or not you have suffered from dental trauma. The best way to know is to give us a call and we will advise you on what to do.

What Do I Do About the

Pain Until I Get to My Appointment?

For pain, we usually recommend taking anti-inflammatory pain medication because it helps to alleviate the pain and inflammation at the same time. However, you can also take acetaminophen to get relief. Rinsing the mouth with saline solution multiple times can reduce swelling and pain, especially if it’s caused by food particles that are lodged between the teeth.

Is a Severe Toothache

a Dental Emergency?

Yes, a severe toothache is considered a dental emergency. Anything that requires urgent treatment is an emergency. Delaying treatment can be the difference between saving and losing a tooth so do not hesitate to call us and tell us your symptoms. 

A toothache may seem like no big deal but it is always an indication that something is wrong with the tooth, either due to dental trauma or an oral health issue. When the pain is severe, this could be a sign of infection. 

If you have severe tooth pain, we recommend that you use saltwater rinses, ice packs, and keep your head elevated until you can get to your appointment. If an infection is not treated promptly, it can spread to other teeth or worse, through the bloodstream, causing sepsis. 

While you may be able to make an appointment for a day or a few days from now for a mild toothache, if the pain is severe you will need to come in right away, especially if it is accompanied by the following signs:

  • An abscess around the tooth
  • Swelling
  • Darkened tooth
  • Fever
  • Exposed root
  • Lingering sensitivity to hot and cold foods/drinks


If you're experiencing a dental emergency and are new to our office, we are here for you. With our emergency special, you'll get a thorough exam and an x-ray to identify the issue so you can get the care you need quickly.
*New patients only. Can not use insurance.

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